Ice Art...Fun with Salt & Ice

Participants had the opportunity to discover the effects of salt on ice this week at the Haliburton OEYC.                                                               Artistic juices were flowing as paint, glitter and salt were used to create ice art. 

Winter allows us a great opportunity for some creative activities….here are some ideas…

Paint on Snow – gather snow in a container, pack down, drop paint or coloured water onto snow.

Freeze water in margarine/sour cream container/cake pan. Flip out on tray and sprinkle with salt, add paint or glitter for an interesting effect.

Place small toys (plastic animals, cars) in a container with water. Freeze container and once frozen pop out into a larger bin. Use eye droppers/pipettes to drip water on ice, provide safety glasses and small tools (mini gardening rakes) to chip away at the ice.

Raised Salt Painting – lay paper down on a tray, squeeze white glue onto paper, pour salt over glue and shake off excess, dip paintbrush into liquid watercolour paint/or pipette into water & food colouring and drop onto salt/glue. Sit back & watch the effect.

Bathtub Snow – In a bowl, slowly add water to the desired amount of baking soda until it is mold-able and damp. Not too wet.  Put in freezer for half hour or longer.  Great for making snowballs in the bath.

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