Program Calendars

Program Calendars:

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Pre-registration for all in-person programs remains in place.  

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WEEKLY CALENDAR - May 16 - 21  May 23 - 28
Connect with us virtually. Please see the monthly or weekly calendar for the zoom schedule.  Click on the Zoom link via our Facebook page or Google calendar.

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OUTDOOR PROGRAMS:  See the monthly and weekly calendar for outdoor programs.

What to expect during a Zoom program. 

Little Scientist Activity Sheets - Feel free to copy any of the following activity sheets for some at home experiments.
1. Thaumatripe
2. Thaumatrope Template
3. Hear Better
4. Sound Scavenger Hunt
5. How Do You Feel
6. This Feels...
7. Touching Hunt
8. What's That Smell
9. Yuck or Yum